The power of intention is an incredible and powerful thing. The idea behind Natural Healing Stones is to provide you with a quality piece of art, that is creative and unique as well as functional in your healing process or meditation purposes.  Wearing my pieces out and about  is an added bonus.  Some of you will look at my pieces as just lovely baubles, while others will recognize their healing attributes.  I am more than happy to accomodate both.  I will assure you that all of my pieces are made with quality stones and materials.  I only use authentic/ genuine materials.  If it says turquoise, it is. If it says garnet, it is.  If it says sterling silver, guess what, it is.  Much thought and time has gone into the process of designing each piece of jewelry.  Each piece is one of a kind and is as unique and as unforgettable as yourself.

I'm the type of person that does not want to own something off a showroom floor, the same thing that is being offered to hundreds of people all over the place.  I like to own things that speak to me, things that have a history or a story, that are unique, one of a kind, and specifically meant for me.  Well, if you're looking for the same, I hope you will find something you love here.  Thanks for stopping in to take a look. I hope you enjoy the site.

All the love,
Meditation / Dowsing Necklaces
Natural Healing Stones ~ is home of unique jewelry for the meditative spirit.

I have been creativly morphing over the past 8years and while working with crystals/stones is still at the core of my heart's passion, the interwebs of my life have led me to working with glass, pottery & my very own Whimsy Art.
I am excited about this growth & think that there is something here for everyone!

Enjoy your look around.
Original Art & Note Cards
Stones, Pixie Dust & Skulls
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