Let me introduce Natural Healing Stones' healing crystal mala. I have coupled the healing attributes of the crystals / stones in mala form along with a suggested healing mantra.  You can use this mantra or come up with your own. This necklace is made up of 108 beads and is 24 inches in length. 4 being the sacred Rudraksh beads. (Shiva's Tear Drops) 54 clear quartz stones, 50 Czech glass purple beads. Each bead is hand knotted with waxed cotton cord . The pendant piece is a stunning piece of Amethyst, just over 1.5 inches long and is wire wrapped with sterling silver.

Item arrives in an organza bag with a card that includes stone attributes and suggested mantra.

Suggested Mantra; Clearing the clutter, I become open to new meanings and deeper clarity.
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AMETHYST ~ Buddhist monks in India use this stone to meditate. This stone is considered a powerful healer and protector. It enhances psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. It is used to alleviate migraines and to improve the owner's covncentration. This stone is associated with the crown and brow chakra. To cleanse your amethyst stone; wash it once a month under warm running water and leave overnight among hematite stones.

CLEAR QUARTZ~ provides for purification of the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Raises consciousness to an enlightened state. Amplifies & transmits energy. Good for clarity, balance and bringing about harmony