Vibrational Attributes For Healing Stones
Much has been written about healing stones and crystals and while becoming an author does appeal to me, I just don't have time.   I will refer you to some books and links that I have found helpful to me in my practice.  Please use the above Reference and Links button to check them out.

I hope to keep this segment very brief but informative. I will list the majority of the stones that I work with and give you their healing attributes. I'm also a Reiki practitioner, so I will also make a notation of which Chakra the stone works best for. If you have never heard of Reiki, this will all seem Japanese to you,(hee,hee, it's a little joke) ehh hmm, but I would encourage you to follow up on some of the reading I will suggest. I find Reiki to be a very powerful alternative healing modality and well worth checking out.

Sooo without further adieu ... we're off. Pick a button, any button and enjoy!