AVENTURINE ~  a form of Chalcedony (quartz) This stone enhances a sense of humor and cheerfulness for the wearer.  It is said in ancient Greece, aventurine was sewn into the clothes of the men going to war, to preserve their courage and optimism.

This stone diffuses negative energy and balances the female (yang) energy.  It aids in improving the wearer’s psyche, strengthing the self and promoting a positive view of life.  Cover the stone with water and let it sit over night.  This can be used to wash strained eyes and many skin irritations. Worn as an amulet, it can also reduce pain.

Aventurine works best on the heart chakra, removing anxiety, even deep seeded anxiety resulting from child hood experiences.  This is a great stone for Cancers, Taurus and Sagittarius. 

This stone should be worn for a long time. Cleanse once a month under running water and recharge in the sun.

**  There are three main colors of aventurine.  Most of what you see today has been dyed to enhance these colors **

Blue Aventurine (aka, blue quartz) ~ is known a the mental healer. It decrease negative emotions while stimulating creativity and intellect. It alleviates headaches & migraines. Aiding in the removal of toxins from the body, aventurine helps in the treatment of influenza and colds.  Blue quartz spheres help to protect against radiation.

Green Aventurine ~ strengthens blood and muscle tissue and lends itself to prosperity in meditations.

Red Aventurine ~ increases the energy level of the third chakra and aids in the female reproductive system, fertility and child birth.