AZURITE/ MALACHITE ~ Is a copper mineral combining (blue) azurite and (green) malachite and is considered the most expensive form of azurite.   The combination of the two stones in one, is a powerful conductor of energy and unlocks spiritual vision and strengthens one’s ability to visualize. It is considered a gentle meditation  & chakra stone.  Indians believe this stone protects the earth; nature, animals and people.  They believe it is the divine link between heaven & earth. 

It protects and supports the body by detoxifying the organs. Azurite/Malachite has a beneficial effect in the fight against kidney stones, gallstones & liver disease. It is also believed to protect against radiation damage. Emotionally it brings about deep healing, cleansing ancient blocks and thought patterns. It is a great stone for those with weak characters or those that suffer from mood swings.

This stone is best used on the third eye chakra or the heart chakra.  It is a great stone for Capricorn, Scorpio and Sagittarius.

When you notice that your stone is not warming up while being used, cleanse during the night by keeping it in a bowl of tumbled hematite.  Recharge once a month by placing in rock crystals over night.