BRONZITE ~  The ancient Romans used to grind bronzite into powder form or wear as an amulet, to protect themselves against mental illness, confusion and to aid in strengthening and calming of their nerves.   It was a highly valued stone by the Greeks & Romans because of itís bronze appearance.  Bronzite maybe found in meteorites,  thus proving that other worlds in our solar system have like composition to that of earth.  The purest forms of Bronzite may be found in Brazil.

Bronzite balances the masculine (Yang) energy within the body and psyche. It aids in teaching itís user to go with the flow, increasing inner peace, removing  stress and protecting against depressive moods.  It also helps to overcome the effects of agonizing memories, even ones going back as far as childhood times.  It is used to facilitate a feeling of certainty when goal setting and to aid in taking control of ones actions and decisions.  Physically, this stone helps to assimilate iron and increases the acidity with in the body.  Relaxing tense muscles, this stone helps the release of cramping. It also aides in skin disorders (rashes, acne and excema)

This stone is most effective when used on the forehead but may also be used on the solar plexus.

Clean once a month with warm running water and recharge overnight among rock crystals.