CLEAR QUARTZ~  Is known as a master healing crystal.  It works with and amplifies the
attributes of other stones and crystals.  Quartz crystals are the most common and
abundant in the world and there is really so much to say about this crystal. This
information will be brief but I encourage you to look further into this stone and to add it to
your crystal tool box.  Clear Quartz crystals are the supreme gift of Mother Earth.
"Throughout history, Clear Quartz has been valued by nearly every civilization as far back
as Atlantis and Lemuria, where the sun's power was believed to be harnessed through a
crystal as a source of solar energy refraction. They, along with Native American Indians,
African tribes, ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, Romans, Scots and countless other cultures used
Clear Quartz in diagnostic healing, meditations and spiritual development, as religious
objects and in funerary rites, and to dispel evil and magical enchantments." [Mella, 82]
[Melody, 506][Kunz, 219] (See the Powers, Legends and Lore section at the end of this
article.) Clear Quartz provides for purification of the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies.
Raises consciousness to an enlightened state. Amplifies & transmits energy. Good for
clarity, balance and bringing about harmony. It is associated with the crown chakra.
the skulls are examples of dyed magnesite