Now, I would like to talk about a very unique service I offer.  It's the chance to have a completely customized piece of jewelry. Maybe you have an heirloom you want to  incorporate into a piece.  I also offer a service where I take the astrological sign of a client, research that sign and then pose a few questions to the individual. Based on the weaknesses and strengths of their sign, coupled with their likes and dislikes, I design a piece just for them and then Reiki the piece to close out it's creation. Costs vary on time of research, types of gems and size of necklace. If you are interested in this customized service, please feel free to email me at or...
I have included a gallery of pieces that have already found homes. Feel free to browse through them.  I will at times use them as a reference to know what your preference is. Do note, I will not recreate any piece.
All pieces, whether customized or not are
one of a kind!!