"Queen Jealousy, envy waits behind him, Her fiery green gown sneers at the grassy ground"~Mayer. This is actually a dual inspiration necklace fueled by the power of the full moon. Mayer's song has been flitting in and out of my head the last couple of days and I always think about this pendant when the song arrives in my mind. I knew the necklace would have lot's of flash about it. Then I awoke this morning to the realization it was the anniversary of the Lizard King's passing. So... I sat down and went to work. Russian Serpentine is often known as lizard stone. Serpentine's power receives a boost whenever it is paired with jade. So, here we have what I think is a most stunning piece. 17 inches long the necklace is made up of Russian Serpentine, jade and olivine Sawarovski crystals. Man... does this baby flash in the light. The pendant is probably one of the best pieces of Russian Serpentine I have seen in a long long time. This stone has been hand cut and polished which gives it a kind of depth. The stone has been hand wrapped in leather. This allows for a big and bold look with hardly any weight. The pendant is 2 x 1 1/2 inches. The clasp is a hand made hook clasp made of Hill Tribe Silver. That's a higher count silver than sterling and it won't tarnish as quickly. This baby is BEEEEEAUTIFUL!!!
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