I happened upon my new found talent quite by mistake, as I do most great things in my life. Looking back, I have been a healer all my life, professionally speaking, for the past 13 years. Since the early years I have always had a fascination for decorating things, painting my neighbors matchbox cars with nail polish was one of my first works of art. I have always had a fascination and been a collector of stones.  Instead of bringing home the tourist t-shirt, I would pick out the perfect rock and haul it back to my place. That's all well and good while traveling close by, but the two month trek through Europe just about broke my back!! So all of this culminated one evening while sitting in a lecture given by a woman who was doing healing with stones. She was a cancer patient in remission and while she stressed that the healing stones were not the remedy to her cancer, through their vibration, they alleviated certain energy imbalances in her body, bringing her much relief. I sat and listened to her amazing story and looked at her wonderful stones and
H ow I Arrived Here...
as I sat and looked at her wares, I got to thinking.... her wares didn't seem very imaginative. Something in me said... "I can do that and I can do it better". I would soon be put to the challenge 7 months later. My mom surprised me for my 40th birthday with a trip to Arizona. Wow, Sedona was really impressive but the Gem show made my mind swirl.... Oh My Gosh, so many rocks! The Europe trip was just gearing me up for the mother lode I was to haul back. The creative urge didn't hit till the first full moon. I sat down one evening to create a necklace and the next thing I knew, it was 4am and I had pieced together three creations. The rest is history. I joke with my friends and say "Now I know why artists go insane. There is always just one more masterpiece to create." It never ends and I have no idea where it comes from.

So like most everything in my life, it all comes full circle. Healing, decorating and rocks, all things I've done through my entire life, now married through divine intervention. I have a connection with each piece and they all seem dear to me. Yes, it is hard to part with them but I am a firm believer that you do not choose the stone, it chooses you. I hope you find this site both interesting, insightful and useful.

All the love,