I have had two people inspire me to keep a look out for crosses.  I, myself, not really being into crosses, knew if I was going to use them, they were going to have to be really unique.  WELL.  Hello unique!!  I have never seen this done and I am just loving how organic it looks.  This is a fancy jasper stone, that has been hand carved. As you can see a cross has been carved out in the middle at the bottom of the stone.  How very interesting!!! ( It's 2 in. x 1 in.)  I have wire wrapped this stone into a pendant and have added it to a necklace is made out of Czech glass, swarovski crystals, wood roundels and fancy jasper (round stones and diamond stones) The clasp is a hand crafted hammered hilltribe silver toggle clasp. Hill tribe silver is the highest count silver, making it slow to tarnish and better quality than sterling silver. The necklace is 18 inches long

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