ONYX~ In time of antiquity, Onyx was considered one of the most important healing stones and a great protector against black magic. It's magical uses can be seen being used around the world. The American Indians, ancient Greeks and Romans combined magical inscriptions to give this stone added power. This stone is effective on all chakras and has a positive influence especially for Capricorns. This is an especially good stone for one in a time of stress or being stuck in a situation. One reason is, this stones houses memories of past hurts (both physical tragedy and energetic) that keep us stuck in day to day life. It's a great stone to use for past life regression work. It allows one to visit the past, to the core of the hurt, and to heal and move forward. Another reason is, this stone is a great connection stone to the "Whole". Centering one's energy and connecting one to their higher guidance. Thus allowing one to glimpse forward in their future and help to facilitate one being the master of their destiny. A balancer of Yin and Yang, this stone is also very beneficial in relationship issues, particularly, those of the romantic type, as it is a great stabilizer. This stone needs plenty of time to develope it's full power.(meaning, wear or use in meditations for long periods) Discharge it's energy under running water once a week and if used for a long period of time, place it in the earth overnight once a month.