PLAMO GIRL, Turning bullies into flowers.
The original "PLAMO GIRL, bullies" is available for purchase. I wish I had PLAMO GIRL's power of turning bullies into flowers. I made this card for the kiddies on their first day back to school. At this period of my life I was dealing with a rather nasty bully myself. Just a reminder that there are bullies at any age, it's how we learn to deal with them that defines who we really are. Whimsy Art is designed, painted and drawn to bring about a light spirit and happiness of heart to their viewer.  Each of these original pieces of artwork have been hand painted with watercolors and inked by myself. (color pens have a glitter or metallic look and are not photographing well, sorry) All of the designs are original and have not been duplicated. (THIS IS NOT A REPRINT) You will receive the exact original works of art that you see here.  Each piece comes mounted on a matboard frame. The watermark will not be present, nor will any of the letter writing you see here on the matboard.  Any copying, duplicating or using my artwork without my consent, is a violation. Please just ask first.  Will fit a 5x7 frame
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Whimsy Cards ~ made to inspire light spirits & happy hearts
Don't want to buy the original to hang on your wall, maybe you would like to buy a packet of four note cards with the design you love the most. These lovlies still inspire light spirits and happy hearts, they just don't have the dazzle of the sparkle power behind the original works of art. On the plus side... you get to share them with someone and spread the joy. Printed work of original art, printed on white 4x5 blank note cards. 4 cards for 10.00 Envelope included.
sorry, I don't have photo's of the cards yet.  Reproduction of artwork on the cardstock will look just like this... just a different picture
made to inspire  light spirits & happy hearts