One of the things I'm adamant about in life is... When I set my mind to it, I can do anything I want.  This website is just one of my wonderful examples of that thinking. However, when accomplishing great tasks, it is wise to surround ones self with both knowledgeable and helpful folks. This wouldn't have been possible without; (It all begins with mothers) My mom, Diana Vondra and NID. My birthday trip to Sedona and the gem show was most memorable. Her sharing her love of wire wrapping and countless other crafty things, has inspired me. Bear Roberts, for the many, many redoos on the logo. Cat Edge for her patience and help with the photography. A special thank you to Ciro Marchetti, for the gracious loan of his artwork. The love and support of my cheering crowd and mentors, Janey and Soo and deep friendship, love and support of Laura.

I can't thank you enough.
You all saw something I didn't even know existed!
xoxo, B.A
Links to look into and ways to reach people:
for some really excellent artwork

I would love to share some books with you. My very favorite applications book is HEALING WITH CRYSTALS & CHAKRA ENERGIES, by: Sue and Simon Lilly. It's done wonderfully and is very easy to use.

Another reference book I use often is, THE ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO CRYSTALS, by: Judy Hall.

Next up, the book I found most of the information for my healing stones attribute page, (it's a really wonderful reference book with very detailed pictures) HEALING CRYSTALS AND GEMSTONES, by: Dr. Flora Peschek-BOhmer Gisela Schreiber. 

Last but not least,(another practical use book) A HANDBOOK OF CHAKRA HEALING, by: Kalashatra Govinda.