I'm truly honored to have worked for such great reviews.  Thank you to all that have written in! xo B.A.

Becky McKnight Manley
"My suncatchers are here.... You truly outdid yourself!! They are phenomenal! And the necklace is even better than the beautiful pictures you had posted! Thank you SOOOOOOO much!!! (((gush gush gush))) ;)"

Beau Hall
" Beth Ann created a piece especially for me, including stones and metals that she explained the why and how they meant something. It was incredible. Sadly, I misplaced it and begged her to create a replacement. After months of begging, she produced something that outdid the original piece! Of course, a few months later the original turned up (which means more to me) but I've given the second one to my sister as a reminder that I'm always around. These are such meaningful pieces! Not just jewelry or trinkets."

Cat Edge
" Beth Ann's pieces are works of art! The energy with which she designs comes from many sources, the stones themselves, the connections she makes with people and from her heart. These elements of energy are essential in her art and it shows. When you hold and wear that piece for the first time, you feel how truly special it is, you know it belongs to you - she is the catalyst by which it comes. Thank you, Beth Ann - over and over, thank you."

Gina Marie Bidoli Tate
" I received my custom necklace and bracelet on the supermoon! They are really special; a good mix of my birthstone, aquamarine, and my mama's birthstone, amethyst. I started to cry as I was holding them! They are so beautiful! I love you Beth Ann! You gave my little gems your special touch and worked your magic!!! I will definitely be getting more custom pieces from you!!!"

Alisa D Penrod
" exquiste pieces that speak to the wearer as well as to those that admire, unique one of a kind necklaces, with earrings, and bracelets to match wonderful work!"

John McKnight
" I met Beth Ann a few years ago, and one of the first things we talked about was the power of stones. A friend gave me some lava beads that she saw me wearing, and asked if I would like something truly special. She added some Hematite and Red Coral and WOW! Not only an eye catcher but something for me, to help me. She has a way of getting inside you and giving you exactly what you need! It's an unbelievable talent accompanied by an artistic eye to create amazing pieces for your spiritual and physical health."

Matt Butler
" So far, I've asked Beth Ann to create pieces for my wife and daughters...and while the beauty of each piece is obvious, it's the personal connection with the elements of each piece that makes it special to the person who wears it...what's most impressive is that Beth Ann was able to ascertain the traits of each individual and create a piece that reflects their inner being...and there's a part of Beth Ann in each piece too...she's one part artist, one part clairvoyant..."

Darlene Wanderer
" My necklace from Natural Healing Stones is definitely a beautiful one of a kind piece. All their jewelry is truly unique and exudes positive energy. BA is a very creative, gifted person. Her custom work is exceptional!"

Elissa Dennis
" Absolutely beautiful jewelry with the highest quality stones and findings. True wearable art!"