Let me introduce Natural Healing Stones' healing crystal mala. I have coupled the healing attributes of the crystals / stones in mala form along with a suggested healing mantra.  You can use this mantra or come up with your own. This necklace is made up of 108 beads and is 32 inches in length. 4 being the sacred Rudraksh beads. (Shiva's Tear Drops) 52 pink quartz, 50 rose wood beads, 2 accent rhodonite stones located on the pendant. Each bead is hand knotted with hemp cord . The pendant piece is a very detailed piece of Rhodochrosite just over 1 inch long and is wire wrapped with sterling silver. 
Item arrives in an organza bag with a card that includes stone attributes and suggested mantra.

Suggested Mantra: Through giving and receiving love in all things, I am healing and will be whole.
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RHODOCHROSITE~This beautiful red stone was discovered during the Inca Empire but due to the downfall of the empire, the mine was abandoned. In 1938. A German rediscovered the mine and the rediscovery of the "INCA ROSE" occurred. The Andes Indians believe, to this day, that the blood of their ancient rulers has turned into this beautiful stone. Native Americans used to offer this stone as a token of love and used it as a holy stone. This stone is linked to the Taurus sign and symbolizes openness. It awakens the unconditional love for all and is not just limited to the love for one. This stone is helpful in moments of extreme physical stress. It is said to arouse passion, courage and fortitude. Rhodochrosite is a brittle stone and one should be careful not to drop it or use cleansers with acids in them. If you have to clean it, it is best to use a cool soapy water. You can recharge this stone by placing it among rock crystals.

BLUSHING PINK QUARTZ~ (I can only assume they meant rose quartz. It looks like my other rose quartz, so, I'm gonna go with it but in the spirit of being on the up and up, I am not 100% positive)

ROSE QUARTZ - Beads of rose quartz have been found to date back as far at 7,000 BC. That is a loooooong time ago!! Often called the "Love Stone" it is said that to promote love and desire among people, Eros brought rose quartz to earth. So it's not surprising that this stone increases sexuality and fertility. It also calms and reassures the wearer, bringing about deeper inner healing. This stone helps to release blockages from unexpressed emotions and is associated with the heart chakra. Using this stone helps one to open the heart chakra and opens one to all forms of love: self love, family love, platonic love and romantic love, thus aiding in the healing of past hurts and traumas. To cleanse this stone; hold it under running water and recharge it by placing it in an amethyst geode. *** Rose Quartz colors will fade in time, if left out in the sun.