RHODOCHROSITE~This beautiful red/pink stone was discovered during the Inca Empire but due to the downfall of the empire, the mine was abandoned. In 1938. A German rediscovered the mine and the rediscovery of the "INCA ROSE" occurred. The Andes Indians believe, to this day, that the blood of their ancient rulers has turned into this beautiful stone. Native Americans used to offer this stone as a token of love and used it as a holy stone. This stone is linked to the Taurus sign and symbolizes openness. It awakens the unconditional love for all and is not just limited to the love for one. This stone is helpful in moments of extreme physical stress. It is said to arouse passion, courage and fortitude. Rhodochrosite is a brittle stone and one should be careful not to drop it or use cleansers with acids in them. If you have to clean it, it is best to use a cool soapy water. You can recharge this stone by placing it among rock crystals.