all wrapped up in one bracelet. But wait... it's completely interchangeable. It's 7 bracelets in one!!
Genuine rose quartz, lepidolite (lilac stone) and rainbow moonstone with genuine Swarovski Crystals from Austria and lotus seed beads. 6 1/2 inch bracelets can be sized larger with added links. Black waxed cotton cord and a bronze "O" hinged clasp. This is a stackable/interchangeable bracelet.  Each bracelet has been reinforced with wire for support and to ensure long lasting durability.

triple stack  119.oo 
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Rose Quartz ~ Often called the "love stone," rose quartz is said to open the heart chakra to all forms of love; self love, family love, platonic love and romantic love. This gemstone is also believed to bring about gentleness, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and tolerance to the wearer. It helps to raise the self esteem and to remove fears, resentments and anger and helps to heal and release childhood traumas.

is an uncommon mica that only in the past two decades has become available on the mineral market in large quantities. However, more recently, it's availability has become limited again. This gemstone is said to have a calming effect and relieve muscle pain by relaxing the nerves. Lepidolite also connects the heart and crown to bring spiritual understanding of pain and suffering. It is said to help people reorganize their old ways of thinking and acting so they can meet the challenge of change.

Lilac Stone is in the Lepidolite family, it just has more of a purple hue.

Rainbow Moonstone ~ The Romans thought moonstone was formed out of moonlight and began wearing it in jewelry around 100AD. The gemstone has always been considered sacred in India. Legend suggests that moonstone is supposed to awaken tender passions if placed beneath the tongues of lovers during a full moon. The gemstone is believed to be protective for women and babies and to soothe and balance the emotions.