SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN -  Back in the stone age, Obsidian was used to make weapons and tools. Snowflake Obsidian is considered a “stone of purity”.  It helps to balance the body, mind and spirit.  It helps to release negative ingrained thought patterns, allowing one to become more centered.  This stone is also good for veins and skeletal issues.  Use as a touchstone but not for long periods of time.  Cleanse once a month under warm running water and recharge in sun amongst rock crystals is not a stone but is naturally formed glass from lava.  It is made from the same minerals as granite but due to the quick cooling process, due to exposure to air, the form never reaches the crystallization process. The little bubbles or crystals that do form during the quick cooling process, gives Snowflake Obsidian the beautiful patterns or inclusions that it has. Obsidian has been used for tool making since 21,000 B.C. It is thought to have been first discovered by an Ethiopian man named Obsius and was named after him. This stone is used to assist with clarity and logic.  It is a stone that is used for grounding and shielding against negativity.  It transforms the flaws from within, by using them to aid in useful solutions necessary for releasing them. This aids one in moving the body mind and spirit into a state of balance, helping to heighten our awareness of love and beauty.  This stone is best used on the hand and foot chakras