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Whimsy Cards ~ made to inspire light spirits & happy hearts
The original "Little Moments" artwork has been purchased but you can purchase an 11x 14 reprint. This piece embodies a very moving story of a Grandmother's relationship with her Grandaughter.  It's about giving, receiving and just being present in someones life to enjoy the simple little moments. Sometimes those little moments have the biggest impact on another's life.  The reprint comes mounted to matboard and is ready to be framed in an 11x14 frame.  A reproduction of original artwork is printed and then highlighted with sparkle ehnancements, either with glitter or metallic pens to mimic the original but not look exactly like the original.  
50.00 (reprint with sparkle enhancements)
Don't want to buy a reprint to hang on your wall, maybe you would like to buy a packet of four note cards with the design you love the most. These lovlies still inspire light spirits and happy hearts. Original art reprinted on 4x5.5, acid & lignin free, white card stock. Inside is blank. Envelopes included.   4 for 10.00
Block Art reprints. Reprint of original artwork is reduced and mounted to a 4 x 5 wood block. Artwork is embellished with swarovski crystals, sealed and reapplied with glitter ink to add a little extra magick. Second photo is terrible lighting but I wanted to show where the enhancements are.
Block art reprint 45.00
made to inspire  light spirits & happy hearts