all wrapped up in one bracelet. But wait... it's completely interchangeable. It's 7 bracelets in one!!
Genuine tigers eye, turquiose and calcite stones with genuine Swarovski Crystals from Austria and lotus seed beads. 6 1/2 inch bracelets can be sized larger with added links. Black waxed cotton cord and a bronze "O" hinged clasp. This is a stackable/interchangeable bracelet.  Each bracelet has been reinforced with wire for support and to ensure long lasting durability.

triple stack  119.oo
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Tigers Eye~ Traditionally, tigers eye has been used as a gift between lovers to ease sexual tension and help partners tune in to each other in a psychic way. hahaha. Not sure if that's a selling point. It is also believed to pull one into a more positive and flexible attitude and is said to be especially effective for stubborn people. Many wear the stone to strengthen convictions and to acquire courage and confidence.

Calcite ~ Yellow Calcite owes it's warm color to the presence of iron. It is considered and energizing stone that fosters grounding with courage and confidence. It is also believed to ease depression and facilitate mental clarity.

Turquoise ~ Considered a stone of wholeness, turquoise promotes a sense of unity of the self and oneness with all that surrounds us. It is said to make one feel at home in both the physical and spiritual worlds. Turquoise is said to open all chakras, permitting the attributes of love, completeness and communication to flow through the body and increasing spiritual bonding. It aids in the absorption of nutrients and it is recommended to wear this stone in the detoxification of alcohol, poisons and radiation.