Here at Natural Healing Stones, we are gearing up for the Blue Moon at the end of this week. I put together these necklaces for those of us that want to develop a meditation relationship with a certain stone or crystal. In the process, I also got to thinking, wouldn't it be wonderful to wear your dowsing pendulam as a necklace and "WHALA!!" The Mediation / Dowsing Necklaces came into being. I was so excited.... How about this color? I love it. This is whiskey quartz. I'll get the healing properties in the next day or so. The barrel cut is unique and of course... can I get a heck yeah for the Hill Tribe silver? HT is a higher grade of silver than sterling, therefor it will not tarnish as quickly. This chain is also hand crafted. It's stunning compared to silver that has been machine cut/mass produced.

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